A Brand doesn't live by it's branding. Rather than we believe a brand identity is created by people like you

Back to Early 2016, something happened. Something really unusual did happen. Because it was very blessing-ly good news for many people, BUT for some people it wasn't a good news at all.

HealthOlOzy entered Bangladesh just after it was born

Became Authorized & Official re-seller from multiple international brands for the first time in Bangladesh
Built strong opposition against Fake, adulterated & High Priced products & continuing the mission.
Lowered the price ethically & fairly matched with international pricing which was a shock for many
Introduced a vast selection of flavours for the first time in Bangladesh
Many Advanced line of products introduced first time in Bangladesh

Once upon a time in Bangladesh:

when people had to spend fortunes to buy sports supplements to support their fitness goal.

Imagine: "People had to pay around 9K for a Gold Standard Whey Protein"
We say that was the dark age of supplement market here in Bangladesh

Maximum 1-2 Flavours were available to choose from !

More than that, you were not guaranteed that you are not injecting fake product in your Body !!

How does it Feels?



We didn't started on a Garage though!

5 Years Later:

Officially Authorized Distributor &  re-seller of many world famous Brands not only in Bangladesh, but also globally.

Has own registered company & office in UK for streamlined operation

Served Thousands & Thousands of Clients from Heart & Loved by their Heart

Initiated business as general importer of general well-being products across the globe in 2015

Back to Early 2016, the company was started as a passive stream by fitness enthusiastic. 

That was a time when people had to spend fortunes to buy sports supplements to support their fitness goal in Bangladesh. 


👉 Days Comes after Night. It is Universal Truth. Our Products are 100% Authentic & Genuine.
        It's more than that Universal Truth. Challenge!

👉 Buying from Officially Authorised Distributor & Seller of International Brands

👉 Unbeatable & Unrivalled Pricing due to Direct Sourcing from Factory

👉 No Gimmic & Doubtful Grey Ingredient Containing Products. Such as Stupid Mass Gainers

👉 Very Selected Products with Highest Quality & Fantastic Reviews that Delivers Real Results

👉 Maintained Storage Temperature & Cleanliness in Warehousing

👉 Buttery Smooth Shopping Experience

👉 World Class Customer Service & Honest Recommendation for Long term Relationship

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