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Carnivor Military Grade Shaker 25 OZ
Evlution Nutrition Mixball Shaker
Evogen Naturals Shaker
Myprotein Shaker Bottle 400 ml
Myprotein Shaker Bottle 600 ml
PhD Half Gallon water jug white
PhD Nutrition Mixball Shaker
PhD Nutrition Stainless Steel Shaker
Reflex Nutrition Half Gallon water jug Black
SmartShake Revive Shaker Camo Green
SmartShake Revive Shaker Pixel Blue
Xtend Military Grade Shaker 800 ml

Long gone are the days of mixing powders in a glass with a fork! Healtholozy Bangladesh has a huge range of Shaker Bottles, Gallons, Mixer, Blender Bottles and Water Bottles to do all the work for you.

Shaker Bottles are evolving too – gone are the days of a bottle simply being something you drink from! They now come with storage compartments.

All this aside, Shaker Bottles are the norm for mixing supplements, and remain the easiest and most convenient way of doing so. They are ideal for on the go and mean that you never have to miss a shake or post-workout drink – whether it is at work or immediately after a hard training session.

Healtholozy (Bangladesh Wing) is The Most Popular, Trusted & Top Destination for Health & Fitness Enthusiasts for Their Daily Sports Nutritional Needs. It is Currently Authorised Distributor & Official Partner of many World Famous International Brands for Bangladesh.

It's been considered as industry standard & it's Leading the local Fitness & Sports Nutrition industry for years.  
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