Jarrow Formula Theanine Supplement

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  • Enzymatically Produced SunTheanine®
  • A Unique Relaxant Prominent in Tea
  • Supports Alpha-Wave Generation*
  • Tranquil relaxation w/o drowsiness

60 Veg Capsules (60 Servings)

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Jarrow Formula Theanine Supplement in Bangladesh at Best Price. Authenticity & Quality Guaranteed in Healtholozy Bangladesh.

Theanine is the predominant amino acid of tea that produces calming effects in the brain by increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine, and blocking the binding of L-glutamic acid to glutamate receptors. The benefits of this unique ingredient in a 100 mg supplement. This “feel good” supplement causes no adverse reactions. In fact, in Japan, theanine is added to soft drinks and chewing gum for the purpose of inducing relaxation.

The calming, mood-enhancing effect is achieved by helping to increase alpha-brain waves, electrical brain activity commonly present when you are very relaxed, literally putting you in a better mood.7

Just as meditation, massage or aromatherapy quiets the mind and body, theanine plays a role in inducing the same calm and feeling of well-being. It is a non-toxic, highly desirable mood modulator.

Beware of Imitations: The L-theanine used in this product is Suntheanine®, the only pure form of L-theanine protected by 40 U.S. and international patents and scientifically proven in clinical studies to be safe and efficacious. Independent laboratory analysis has verified that certain other products on the market claiming to contain “L-theanine” are only half L-theanine, the other half being a different form of theanine known as “D-theanine” which has not been scientifically evaluated in published studies.

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An alternative to sleep medication after caffeine consumption

Almost everyone is familiar with the side effects of caffeine found in pre-workouts in high doses. Caffeine elevates the heart rate uncomfortably and massively interferers with sleep. It also worsens adrenal fatigue. Still, you need pre-workouts for better performance and faster results. Theanine is one of the most potent agent that softens the side effects of caffeine. The reason you are told to drink green tea to counterbalance caffeine is the theanine in the tea. In this supplement, you have ample theanine that you cannot get in the normal amount of tea you would otherwise consume. Without causing sedation, this theanine regularizes the heartbeat, fights caffeine jitters, releases happiness inducing dopamine, seratonin etc. so that you sleep better. This is from my personal experience.