Xcore Xcess Six Pack Toning Fat Burning Cream

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Trying to reach that shredded six-pack?
Xcore developed XCESS HD.Core, the most effective toning cream to achieve the ultimate goal: having highly defined abs.

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Xcore Nutrition has developed the most effective toning cream on the market to achieve the ultimate goal: having highly defined abs. To get these muscles in tip-top condition, the XcoreXcess HD Core formula is reinforced with the best patents and active ingredients obtained from the latest clinical trials using in vivo and in vitro tests. Finally you can win the fight against the fat you’ve always wanted to eliminate. We challenge you to find a better product!


With six powerful ingredients, Xcess HD Core will not only melt excess body fat, but also enhance the definition and firmness you are longing for.

Formulated for all skin types, it combines ActiSculpt®, Actiporine 8G, Bio Slim®, Coraline®, glutathione and caffeine, targeting all the problem areas in the body, such as the stomach but also the thighs and chest.

Along with a good workout program and a healthy diet, Xcore Xcess HD CORE, as a high-quality source of the most effective and scientifically tested ingredients, is the ideal fat burner and toning cream formula to help you sculpt your six-pack.


ActiSculpt® contains two plant extracts with known actives that have been shown to lower fat levels:1 Coleus forskohlii root extract and Commiphora mukul resin extract. It works by stimulating adenylate cyclase and intracellular cyclic AMP (cAMP), eliciting the release of triglycerides in the adipocytes.2 In short, ActiSculpt® acts by reducing the size and number of adipocytes, which is fundamental for eliminating localized fat.

Actiporine 8G* is the most advanced ingredient against body fat, enhancing lipolysis, increasing fatty acid release by 74% and inhibiting fatty acid synthesis by 27%.3 Besides, Actiporine promotes collagen synthesis and improves blood microcirculation, firming the underlying tissues.

In turn, Coraline®, an extract of the calcified seaweed Corallina officinalis, and Bio Slim®, a natural active ingredient of botanical origin, have shown skin structure benefits, helping restore skin firmness and promoting cellular oxygenation.4 The result? “Kiss my Abs!”

For even better results, Xcore Nutrition’s formula was strengthened with glutathione and caffeine. Glutathione is one of the most potent antioxidants produced in the body, playing a vital role in the protection against oxidative damage. Caffeine is a chemical compound with stimulant properties. Together, these two active ingredients act as a catalyst to burn fat and uncover the six-pack you have been working on for years.


• Powerful fat burning and toning cream formula

• Effective combination of patented ingredients: ActiSculpt®, Actiporine 8G, Bio Slim®, Coraline®

• Powerful combined action of glutathione and caffeine

• Acts on problem areas in the body

• Contributes to improved blood microcirculation

• Promotes firmness and cell oxygenation

• Scientifically tested


1. ActiSculpt® – In Vivo Test – Regional Fat Loss from the Thigh in Obese Women after Adrenergic Modulation

2. ActiSculpt® – In Vitro Test – Lipolytic effect of ActisculptTM on human adipocyte formation

3. Actiporine 8G – The Role Of Aquaporine 8 In Mitochondrial Homeostasis

4. Coraline® – Effect Of Concentre Coralline 1% On Collagen Synthesis


Xcore Nutrition

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