Are you really not astonished at my words that bodybuilding is a mental or psychological disease? Probably you are. But unfortunately, it is somehow true. 

Yes, bodybuilding can be a kind mental disorder when you take it too much seriously. Obsessed With Bodybuilding is new disorder leads one to know How to build More Muscle. Nothing excessive is good always. Things, in this case, are the same. 

However, for many of us, bodybuilding is so important that they cannot think anything without bodybuilding and the related facts. So, it has become a mania or furor.

When doing exercise has become your habit then it is really a good thing. But by turning it into a maniac syndrome, you will be making a very big mistake.

To be true, getting too much excited for anything can make it a mania and can be a dangerous thing. So, you should prior things not more or not less than what it deserves.

So, doing exercise or building your body should get priority as much as it should get. Let me tell you another thing that bodybuilding and doing exercise are not the same things.

When you are doing exercise not for having lean muscle, shredded packs, developing biceps, triceps, other things, then it is a process to build your body. But people also do exercise for not building body but to stay fit and healthy. 

Here, my focus is on those who have taken bodybuilding in an epidemic way and wants to know nothing more than it. When situations turn like this, it has become a mania or a mental disorder. 

First, let me make it clear that it is not just my assumption. Science also has proof of this fact.


What science says about it?

Yes, science says a lot about it. Because it is not a rare phenomenon to find out a man or woman who is obsessed with building their body.

However, psychology and medical science have distinguished a particular disorder which is known as Anorexia Nervosa.

Those who are suffering from this mental or psychological disorder, are too much obsessed with being thin and not getting fat.

They eat being too much conscious about their fitness. Even, they just forget about their favorites and only eat foods that are unable to make them fat.

Again, Muscle Dysmorphia is another mental disorder. In this case, the person will get obsessed with developing his or her muscle. People with such disorder change their eating habit and just want to be muscular.

Actually, Muscle Dysmorphia is seen in the professional bodybuilders. They think that they have not enough mass & muscle and so they always want more of it.

These are how science explains the ways, people get obsessed with bodybuilding and exercise. Let’s see how it happens.


How people get obsessed with bodybuilding?

Actually, people can get obsessed with bodybuilding in different ways. Personal reasons are mostly found. Also, sometimes it can be created from a habitual fact.

By saying personal reasons, I am trying to say some kind of different phenomena. It can be a shot of depression. Like getting insulted by someone for having week body structure. Or getting rejected by someone for the same reason.

When people get hurt for their week body structure directly or indirectly, they tend to have an attractive body figure. And when they start their bodybuilding journey and get the good response they suppose to be addicted to it.

But sometimes, they are so obsessed that they want to get their desired figure by any means and it doesn’t matter whether or not the mean is healthier and good for themselves.

Also, there are some professional bodybuilders who get praised for their body structure. So, they get impressed and want to get more of it. This is the way they get obsessed with these disorders.


How to understand if you or someone near you are getting obsessed with bodybuilding?

Yes, it is very essential to know if or not you or someone near you is affected by such kind of disorders.

It is not a difficult task to find out the symptoms of it. Even you need no test or medical report. You just need to observe some behavioral attitudes.

Here, I have added the symptoms that are commonly found in the behavior of a person like this.

1. Spending too much time working out

They spend too much time doing the workout. Generally working out for 1 to 1.5 hour is okay for a day and 4 to 5 times a week.

But the people who are really obsessed with such kind of disorder, spend over 2 to 3 hours a day in the gym. Which is really too much and nothing good can be brought by this.

2. Frequently truck their development

People of this category are found so much time in front of the mirror to track their development. They want to see how their growing process is running. But the unusual fact is that they try to see this development over 5 to 10 times a day.

They also measure their biceps, fat, and weight a few times a day. Don’t you think that it is too much?

Yes, it is so much unusual and people who do that is not mentally completely okay.

3. Specify food to eat in a sensitive way

They avoid consuming foods that have the risk of getting fat. It is not always necessary.

They try to avoid carbs and fats all the time and get addicted to taking protein. They just disregard that carbs and fats are also very essential for us to maintain a good body structure and a healthy lifestyle.

4. Taking Steroids

The most dangerous occurrence they do is taking steroids. I don’t know how can I described the risk of taking steroids in a few words.

However, in the next section, I will clarify it. Just get is in your mind that taking steroids is not a good idea at all and those who are frequently do that are obsessed in bodybuilding.

5. Get Isolated from family and friends

This can also happen. When someone becomes too much obsessed in doing workout they just forget everything accepts it.

They cannot spend much time with their family and friends. Also, they cannot have dinner with them or hanging out with them.

Just thinking about how to develop their body structure and do so, they don’t get enough time to enjoy other things.

6. Cannot do better in their work and study

Same things happen here too. They get less time as they are too busy in their bodybuilding process. So, they cannot be concentrated on their study and works.

Commonly these are the behavioral change you can find in a person who is mentally distressed with making their body.

Then let’s have a glance over the disadvantages of having steroids.



How you destroy yourself by taking steroids?

There is actually no easy to way to get succeeded. You have to work hard and waste your sweat.

In the journey of building your body, the steroid is the easiest way that the mentally depressed people usually use.

But this will bring no good. Trust me. It is not a healthy way to have a big and muscular body. It is true that you may get some benefits for temporarily but your body will face big destruction someday for it.

Actually, steroids are the hormonal Boosting products that create more testosterone in your body to produce an anabolic stage. People can take steroids by both orally or by injecting.

However, these are how your body is getting hampered by steroids.

◢ Using steroids increase the risk of liver damage. Liver cancer is also probably in this case.
◢ Acne is another common side effects of taking steroids.
◢ It also creates heart disease and the problem of blood circulation.
◢ Taking steroids makes you aggressive and depressed.
◢ It can increase the breast.
◢ The men testicles can get shrink because of having frequent steroids.
◢ It is also responsible for having blood pressure and high cholesterol level.
◢ It also can make you infertile.

So, you should never ever say yes to steroids. Try to work hard and in a disciplined way. I am pretty much sure that you will get a good result.

Those who take steroids obsessively will get no good results actually. Tomorrow or letter they will be sick and weak.

So, for those of you who have already involved in taking steroids or willing to do so, I advise you to stop doing it before it is too late.

However, as I have already brought out a problem, I should show you the way to solve it. Just focus on the next section.


How to overcome the disorder of being distressed in bodybuilding?

Actually, the one who is suffering from such disorder has to solve it by himself. He is one to be sincere of his lifestyle.

If you think that it is hard, you can also consult with a psychiatrist. But the best thing is to get self-respect and to be yourself.

You should never disrespect yourself. You don’t need to get hurried. You must have time to get the real body that you will not lose for anything.

You should take every step before thinking about it. You have to judge it whether or not it is good for your health.

Also, you should never take too much seriously. Bodybuilding and doing exercise is an activity. You should maintain it just as it should be.

You should do all your activities regularly and make a routine of doing your workout. 1 to 1.5 hour is okay for a day.

You should check or truck your development at least after every week. This is how you can get the differences easily.

Also, remind it that family and friends should get the best priority. You should never be so obsessed that you cannot spend time with them. Also, they can help to truck your bodybuilding development.

So, just be yourself and enjoy each and every aspect of your life. It is the best way to have a healthy lifestyle. But never forget to continue exercise. It has no alternative, you know? So, don’t get stressed and love your life with everything you have around yourself.


Final words: In short

Rethink about what was the topic of this discussion. It is about when bodybuilding has become a mental or psychological disease. Don’t you get your answer? I think you do.

So, think clearly if you are suffering from such kind of disorders. If yes, I think you know what you should do and why you should change yourself.

Just remember that nothing too much will bring any good. So, mind it that you don’t come to this world for doing only one thing and for only yourself.

You should perform all your activities and responsibilities. And exercise is one of them. So, prior to it as you prior to your work and other things.

If you have any question or confusion left just knock me down. Surely, I will come in touch with you. Thank you so very much for staying with us.