Today I have come with another important fact that you may ignore till now. It is related to your workout session. It is pre-workout nutrition. what to eat before a workout. should you even eat before a workout or not.

Most of you often prior to the post-workout nutrition and just forget that your body also deserves something good for pre-workout nutrition.  

I know that post-workout nutrition is really very important and so, it is called the window of opportunity in case of growing muscle. But it doesn’t mean that your body needs nothing before doing exercise.  

Yes, pre-workout nutrition is equally important as your post-workout nutrition. It may not increase the growth of muscles. But It has lots of other benefits and for those, you need to be conscious about pre-workout nutrition. 

You may think that how foods before exercise can come as a help. And It is really very dangerous. Don’t you? 

Relax! don’t get confused. If right now, you are thinking about this, I think you need to learn what a pre-workout meal refers to.  

Pre-workout meal or nutrition doesn’t refer to take foods just before working out. It is about to take your meal a minimum period of time before you start your gym time. Timing is very important here.  

Don’t worry. I’ll clarify the fact of timing later. First, let me you about the why and what that means everything in a short about pre-workout nutrition. 


Why You should be concern about Pre-workout nutrition

Foods and nutrition, both are equally important in each and every case of your life. To look better, to have a perfect body structure, even to be healthy, food and nutrition play the most important role in your life.

This is why you have to be concerned about everything you are consuming whether it is about your post-workout meal or for pre-workout.

However, I have already said it that pre-workout nutrition is as important as your post-workout meal. And now, I will clarify the reasons behind it.

You must have heard the name of the process Protein Turnover, in which our body breaks down and aging builds the muscle protein every day. You know, the growth of your muscle is dependent on how much your body’s protein synthesis ate is.

So, to build your muscle you have to ensure enough protein synthesis in your body. It is true that a pre-workout meal has the smallest direct contribution in increasing the protein synthesis rate.

But the protein synthesis process is quite dependent on the lowest rate of protein break down that means the process of Protein Turnover.

Here, pre-workout nutrition has a larger contribution. Because the main goal of proper pre-workout nutrition is to decrease our protein breakdown.

Let’s see what are the damages we create by ignoring ore pre-workout meals and nutrition.

◢ If you don’t take enough pre-workout nutrition, it is natural that you will not get sufficient energy when to workout. So, it will be a foolish decision to ignore your pre-workout meal if you are willing to make your exercise most effective.

◢ Your ignorance of pre-workout nutrition is a cause of making your fat burning process slower. As you don’t get enough energy you cannot do enough exercise. Also, to turn your fat into the fuel, you need some energy that can be assured by a pre-workout meal.

◢ When you start working out with starved muscle, it is natural that you will constantly lose your muscle tissue. So, your muscle growth process will be harmed.

◢ Exercising in a hungry stomach can cause Sleep problem. So, be aware of what you eat and why not you eat before starting your workout session.

◢ Don’t you think you won’t get enough energy in your day to day life as wee as in your daily activities when you will continue working out in an empty stomach? Yes, you do.

◢ Lastly, it is an inactive working out. Yes, the result of your ignorance in the pre-workout meal is the biggest cause of your inactive performance in the gym.

Also, a workout without a pre-workout meal makes your immune system and restoring process weaker.

So, never ever ignore your pre-workout meal if you want to make what you are doing in the gym, effective.

Now, Let’s see what you should east as your pre-workout meal.


Essential nutrients for the most effective workout that you did ignore

1. Protein

To bump up the process of protein synthesis as well as to suppress your protein breakdown, you can take some protein as a pre-workout meal.

Furthermore, for your anabolic stage and to get a lean body mass, you need some protein before starting the workout. Also, sufficient protein ensures the best muscle performance.

2. Caffeine

You know, Caffeine is good to strengthen your muscle along with improving your muscle endurance. So, for pre-workout nutrition, Caffeine is a good idea.

3. Creatine

Creatine is essential as it is best to provide the ATP energy store that can help you to have long and high-intensities while working out. So, I will suggest you take a creatine supplement as your pre-workout nutrition.

4. Carbs

When you are doing extreme and hard exercise, the glycogen level will decrease. So, to keep the insulin level and the glycogen level in the right place, you need some carbs before doing exercise.

Also, carbs are good to ensure enough glucose that you can use as fuels.

5. Fat

It is a controversial fact whether to take fat as pre-workout nutrition r not.

But most of the studies proved that the fuels you can get from the good source of fat can make your workout more effective.

These are the best nutrient you should take as your pre-workout meal. Now, you should learn exactly what food you should take along with the proper timing.

6. Other necessary nutrients

Among the most effective nutrients for the pre-workout phase Citrulline or Citrulline Malate, Beta-alanine, Ornithine, Betaine, Theanine are the best. So, try to take something, enriched with these nutrients before your gym time.


When and what to take before your workout session

Timing is the most important fact in the case of the pre-workout meal to make your workout most effective.

The best time to take your pre-workout meal is approximately 2-3 hours before starting your gym time.

Always remember that it is dangerous to your workout with a completely full stomach. You should give some time between you take your meal and our start your workout.

Another important advice, I just want to give you that the sooner you take your meal the smaller it should be.

If you are in a different situation and cannot take your meal before 2 to 3 hours of your gym time, you can take it before 40 to 60 minutes before it. But in this case, the meal should be smaller and simple.

But it is better to not to take any heavy meal at least before an hour of your gym time. I can cause great and unavoidable damage to your body. An injury is also at high-risk in that case. So, be careful about the timing.

Now attention. Here, I have made a list of the foods you can take as your pre-workout meal.

◢ Oatmeal and cereal.
◢ Eggs.
◢ Bread and rice.
◢ Green vegetables and fruits.
◢ Yogurt.
◢ Chicken and fish.
◢ Nut and raisins.
◢ Coconut milk.

These are the common foods you can take as a pre-workout meal. You can also make combined meals using some of them.


What about supplements?

Yes, it is the best idea for pre-workout, I think.

Supplements, especially protein powder are fast absorbing and so, if you are in too hurry and cannot take your meal in time, you can take 30 to 40 grams of protein even 20 minutes before starting your workout.

On another hand, in the section of essential nutrients, I have added some very important nutrients like Citrulline Malate, Beta-alanine, Ornithine, Betaine, Theanine etc which are difficult to find in our regular food.

So, to ensure those necessary nutrients you can take a supplement with these nutrients. You know, they are very common and available today. So, don’t worry. If you look around you can find them easily.

Furthermore, most the supplement companies are producing especial supplements for pre-workout which are like a total package. I mean they contain almost all types of nutrients you need for your pre-workout phase.

So, you can give a try on those pre-workout supplements.


Final Words: In Short

Hopefully, I am now successful to make you understand about the potentialities of pre-workout nutrition in your workout session. Also, I think I have cleared almost all confusing facts like timing, food and nutrition types, measurements and others that can appear in your mind.

Still, if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me. Also, if I have mistakenly missed anything important, please inform me about that. My anticipation will always follow your betterment. All the best.