Nowadays, most of you are health conscious and try to stay healthy. Food is one of the biggest issues in this case. So, we always try to know much about what, how much and when we should eat and try to maintain what the experts say.  

But we never keep our eyes on an extremely important fact. It is the posture that we possess when to eat.

Yes, it is also a big issue and I am pretty sure that most of you are not aware of this fact.

From the time of Ancient Greek, eating on sited position is encouraged. Though they think of eating while lying down was a fashion, they soon realize that the only perfect position of eating is being sat down.

In today’s world, people who eat while lying down is not found always. But both inside and outside of the home, people are often found eating while being stood up. It is really a very bad habit and can harm your health.

Even in the religious ethics of Islam, it is strictly forbidden to eat or drink while standing up. And all the other norms also say so. Of course, there is a reason behind it. Actually, there is not a single reason but a group of a good number of reasons behind it.

This is why I have decided to form this article to make you aware of the disadvantages of eating and drinking while standing up.

Let’s break the discussion into two parts – why not to drink water in a standing position and why not to eat in a standing position. These will make you more specific to learn the total fact.


Why not drink water in a standing position?

Yes, the first part of this discussion is about water. First, you should know what happens on your body when you drink water while standing up.

When you drink water in a standing position, the fluid you have taken is directly gone to the esophagus to the lower stomach without being purified. It happens because of the pressure tour body creates to the way the water will go through. You know, it is seriously very harmful to your body.

The direct pass way of the water to the esophagus is very harmful because the unpurified water is capable of damaging the cells of those areas. So, when this practice will be done for the long run, it will impact on your digestive system and will end with making great harm to your body.

Now, let’s see what more this habit can do on your body.

1. Indigestion

When you sit down and drink water, your muscles and other parts of your body get relaxed as they get water inside them.

But when you drink water while standing up, your muscles and other parts of your body don’t get enough water to be relaxed.

These cause indigestion which results in great harm to your body.

2. Kidney diseases

As I have already said that when you drink water in a standing position, the water reaches the lowest part of the kidney with not being processed by filtration. This can cause great damage to your kidney.

3. Tensed nerves

When you drink water being stood up, your nerves become tensed. Because water cannot help with your digestion. But drinking water with the right posture, I mean in the sitting position, can do it properly and can make the nerves relaxed.

4. Ulcer

When the water ends up in the esophagus and makes a pressure to it, the area between this esophagus and your stomach get hurt which results in creating Ulcer.

5. Arthritis

If you practice drinking water in a standing position for a long period of time, this may end up bringing Arthritis when you get older. Because as the process is not proper the balance of fluid in your body doesn’t stay properly. This is the reason for getting affected by Arthritis.

6. Thirst

You can never fulfill your thirst by drinking water in the standing position. The reason is simple. It is because of the improper way of reaching the esophagus of the water you consumed.

These are the main reason you should give up the habit of drinking water while being stood up.

Also, you should know that when you drink water while being sat down, Your body gets each and every nutrient of that water and can use them properly.

So, to utilize the water you have consumed as well as to keep your body healthy, you have to possess the right postures while drinking water and give up the habit of drinking while being stood up.


Why not eating foods while being stood up?

This time, the discussion has turned to its biggest twist. I am sure that from now on, you will give up eating food while standing up if you read the whole article. Because there are a lot of shocking facts that you probably didn’t know about.

So, let’s how the habit of eating food while standing up destroy our health issues.

1. Improper digestion

You will be shocked to know that when you eat while standing up, the foods directly reach the stomach and often reach the intestine without being broken into the superfine particles.

This can create pressure in your intestine and so, affects the digestion process.

2. Makes insufficiency of nutrients

When you eat in the standing position, it is natural that you will eat faster. When you eat faster, the food is not broken into the superfine particles and so, it is become impossible to get the most nutrients from those foods.

3. Makes you hungry soon

Here the reason is the same as before. When you eat faster as being stood up, the foods will be digested soon. And so, it will make you hungry soon.

4. You will need more foods to fill your stomach

It is another cause of eating while standing up. When you do that the foods will never be broken out and will reach the intestine soon. This will make you feel like not filling yet.

I think you know about how it will make you fat and unhealthy.

These are how eating in a sanding position can do great harm to your body. The process it happens in the cases of both drinking and eating are the same. They cause fast and improper digestion, kidney disorders, filling empty, and so on.

So, you know what to do? Yes, it is about possessing a good posture. I am talking about eating in a sitting position.


Our Thoughts: In Short

I think it is not a difficult task to eat and drink while being sat down. Everywhere, you need to eat and drink, there is a place to sit. If there is no, then wait for a moment to look for one. If it is urgent then it is okay to eat or drink while standing up. But to stay healthier, it wise to not to eat and drink like that and especially not to make it as a habit.

So, when you need to eat or drink, just sit straightly, get relaxed, and enjoy your food and drink mindfully.

To know much about a lifestyle that is elite and healthy, stay with us.