One of the most common questions of the people is related to the guidance of eating. Because it is very important to utilize the food we eat.

Unfortunately, almost all of us have made lots of mistakes while eating. So, all the health-conscious person should learn about the proper guidance of eating food.

To be true, it is pretty hard to explain each and every single fact we should maintain while eating with a few words.

But in this article, I will discuss two major issues alongside some minor but essential, related to your eating habit that most of you are doing wrong.

The first one is the most common of all. It is about how much one should eat.

But the second one is pretty much different than being common. But believe me, it is very important to know about. However, about posture while eating.

I think these two issues are related to your way of eating food. The rest is related to nutrition, for which you find many other articles on our site.

However, let’s start with the amount you should eat.


The proper amount of eating food

Yes, it is the most common question of all health-conscious people. Some think that they are eating too much whether some think that it is less than sufficient.

So, they cannot come to the point about how much they should eat. Because they get confused about it.

So, this point will be discussed here to dimness all your confusion.

To say it in a word, you should eat to full one-third of your stomach.

Yes, it is the right amount to eat. You should take food that will fulfill up to one-third of your stomach. The rest one part should be saved for water and the rest part should be kept for air.

To fulfill the part for food, you should take a balanced diet which is rich with protein, good carbohydrates and little amount of vitamin.

Taking too many carbs will soon fulfill your stomach and will create lots of problems.

Taking a good amount of protein is good. But you cannot totally avoid fats. Good carbohydrates are also very essential for your health.

But the thing you should maintain is to eat a good amount of those nutrients.

As much it is important to eat not to eat more than you need, it is that much important to not to eat less than you need.

Now, many of you may ask how I can be sure about to take one-third portion of his stomach. It is easy. Even no machine is needed too.

When you eat and drink water, you will not feel totally fulfilled if you eat the right amount of food. Also, you will not feel hungry too.

Here, I will suggest you to chose a particular bowl or plate to eat. After a few days to understand the amount, you will get an idea of taking food on your bowl.

This suggestion is for general use. If you think to be very strict in this case, you can maintain a good diet chart and have a weight measurement for food. It will help you to have the right amount of that.

But I think, it is not mandatory to live healthily. Furthermore, most of you will not get enough time to do so. This is the reason, taking food of one-third of your stomach is the best idea for you.


Reasons for eating the right amount of food

Many of you often think that it is not necessary to eat to maintain the right amount. But you are then bearing the wrong idea.

If you don’t have any standard measurement of food to eat in your every meal then, there is a big possibility to eat some more or sometimes less than you should.

So, for each of your meal, you should know the perfect amount. Let’s what can happen if you don’t measure the food you are taken.

Okay, let’s divided the fact into two parts. They are about what will happen when you eat more and when you eat less.

Disadvantages of overeating

Nothing should get excessive. When you eat more it will then turn into a habit. Let’s what can happen then.

◢ You will get more body fat and so weight.
◢ It will disturb your body fitness.
◢ You may get obsessed with more food.
◢ Because of getting more cholesterol, all of the heart attack, diabetes, stroke etc increase.
◢ You will lose your stamina and energy.
◢ Again, it will increase the risk of getting hurt just after eating if you have fulfilled your stomach.
◢ Risk of POCS is also increased for the same reason.
◢ Overweight causes lots of other problems.

Now, let’s see what will happen when don’t eat sufficient food.

Disadvantages of eating less than you need

Many people think that if he eats less, it will come as a benefit. But it is also a myth.

To stay healthy, you have to eat sufficient alongside all the necessary nutrients. If you don’t eat that much you need, it will then cause lots of problems. 

◢ You will not get enough energy and stamina.
◢ The needs for essential nutrients also cause lots of disease risks.
◢ You will soon get skinny enough to get a week.

So, you cannot eat either more or less. But you have to make a good measurement of the food that you need.

So, try to understand the right amount of food that will cover only one-third of your stomach. Fill the other part with water and rest will be empty.

Now, let’s have some idea about the right posture you should possess while eating.


The right posture of eating

Most of us are used to eat on the dining table with a chair. It is the most common posture while eating.

But you will be shocked that this posture brings very little good for us. Now, the question is how it would be more effective.

Yes, it is possible to make it more effective by just living with more simplicity.

Actually, there is a way of sitting while eating that helps you with lots of benefits. It is about sitting on the floor.

Do you get astonished? Nothing, I can do here because it is true. You will get lots of benefits while eating on the floor.

When you eat sitting on a chair, to be true, nothing harm, it does. But at the same time, nothing very good, it does too.

But if you maintaining eating on the floor, you will subconsciously change the poster a few time. Often you fold two legs and keep them one side or towards each other or even the other way.

But this way of changing your posture will help you a lot. Also, the way you keep yourself bending towards the food, it also good from various perspectives.

However, if it is not clear to you yet, the next section is then for you. It will show you how the posture of sitting on the floor while eating will help you.


Why you should eat, sitting on the floor?

These are the way, sitting on the floor while eating can help you.

1. Improve the digestion

When you eat while sitting on the floor, you bend yourself towards the food plate on the floor instead of being straight. It helps a lot to your digestive system. It will reduce the risk of acidity too.

2. Increase the strength of different parts of your body

When you will sit on the floor, you have to create pressure on your thigh, knee, and ankle. Also, your bone and muscle get pressurized. This way, they get more strength.

3.Increase flexibility

By following the way while eating on the floor, the flexibility of your body will be increased. It is already proven by many researchers.

4. Promote weight loss

The posture of sitting on the floor is enabled to send the news of getting fullness to the brain sooner. So, it will not let you eat more. So, there is less risk of gaining weight.

5. Decrease risk of heart diseases

When you sit on the floor bending your knee, the blood circulation of the upper part of your body is increased. As a result, it makes your heart healthier and so to decrease the risk of any heart diseases.

Besides, this posture reduces stress and improve blood circulation of your whole body.

So, are you still thinking that sitting on the floor while eating is useless?

However, there are some other tips for you to eat properly. Have look at them in the next section.

Some important suggestions

The above two facts are the most important issues of eating property. But there are also some facts, that will help you to make it more effective.

Want to know about them? Have a glance below. 

◢ Use the right hand while eating. It is a very disgusting and unhealthy way to eat using the same hand you use after using the washroom. So, never use the same hand for eating.

◢ Always wash your hand before and after you eat something. It takes germs and bacteria in your stomach and makes you sick.

◢ You should not talk while eating. It increases the risk of taking food particles to your vocal fold. It can be a cause of death.

◢ You should drink water while eating food. It helps you swallowing foods soon.

◢ Don’t forget thank your creator before you start eating.

These are suggesting I would like to give you while eating. All these are effective and good enough to make you healthier.


Final Thoughts: in short

Hopefully, you understand the effectiveness of almost all the necessary tips for eating properly.

Don’t forget that you don’t live to eat but you eat to live. So, make it more effective so that you can live healthier.

About the whole discussion, if you have any questions or confusion left, then don’t hesitate to ask me. We will be honored when you ask for dimness your doubt.

Thank you for staying with us.