Fats are not always bad for your health. You know, sometimes fats can be the best friend of your healthy heart, brain as well as your health. Omega 3 is such a fatty acid that is another must-have for your healthy lifestyle.

So, today, the discussion will follow this thing, I mean the mega 3 and all about it. You may not know many things important about it. Like what is it actually, about why it is important and about any other facts.

Believe, if you are still unaware about it, the benefits of having Omega 3 will definitely surprise you.

Omega 3 is not a simple vitamin or something like that. It is a kind of fatty acid. Honestly, it is a very controversial thing. Because there are different types, variation in effects and the cost.

So, there can be a lot of questions in your mind about it. This is why I have tried to collect all your possible problem’s solution along with each and every important fact about it.

First, let me tell you about exactly what is Omega 3.


What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is actually a kind of fatty acids which is scientifically known as the polyunsaturated fatty acids. Synthetically, it contains a bond with three atoms that is apart from the terminal methyl group.

Besides, it includes animal lipid metabolism which is another effective constituent for a human body.

Also, it is called the fish oil because the oils that the cold-water fishes contain are the best source of Omega 3. This is why many of you know Omega 3 as the fish oils.


Types of Omega 3 fatty acids

In general, Omega 3 is of three main types. This type-distribution is followed by the constituents, it contains. Let’s meet them in short.

1. EPA

It is actually the eicosapentaenoic acid. Primarily, it is found mostly in the cold-water fishes.

2. DHA

Docosahexaenoic acid is the element for which is it named so. Like EPH, DPH is also found in the fishes. And so, their tasks are quite similar.

3. ALA

For the existence of alpha-linolenic acid, it is called so. Unlike the other two, ALA is the plant-based fatty acid.

I don’t like to elaborate on the chemistry of those facts. Because I think it is unnecessary and the true thing you need to know is about their essentialities.

For our body, EPA and DHA are the most important constituents. The amount of ALA we need is very easy to get from the nuts and seeds we have in our standard diet chart.

So, it is better to focus on those two, I mean the EPA and DHA. Let’s get some more knowledge about them in short.


Why your body needs EPA and DHA?

These two elements of Omega 3 play a crucial role in your body transformation. For both of your heart and brain, they are necessary.

In building new cell membranes, EPA and DHA work very effectively. The cell membranes are essential for the other cells to survive. So, for those, who want to build their muscle, there is no alternative to omega 3 at all.

Also, these EPA and DHA help to keep countless of our brain cells healthy. Healthy brains cells help to make the proper connection with each other and so, to keep our brain functions active. Also, they have a great contribution in maintaining your cognition, mood and behavioristic ideals.

DHA has its direct contribution to the brain function and EPA makes it easy to flow the blood in your brain. Again, they work together to activate the other fatty acids you consume with the general foods you take.

So, there is no way to deny the essentialities of these EPA and DHA. And the best way to ensure enough of these essential elements is to take the best quality Omega 3.

I don’t mention the quality for no reason. You will find a lot of omega 3 supplements with a variety of pricing. To ensure enough EPA and DHA You cannot buy any of them. It is very important to ensure omega 3 with the best quality.

I will elaborate on the fact of the pricing variation and quality fluctuations soon. But let tell about why you need omega 3 first.


The benefits of having Omega 3 on a daily basis

The benefits you will get by taking omega 3 on daily basis, is hard to completely describe within a few sentences. However, you can have a precise idea of the essentialities of having omega 3 for your muscle growth and bodybuilding process from the subsequent points.

1. Muscle growth

Your muscle growth is greatly influenced by the omega 3 supplements you are taking. You know, the EPA and DHA, you are taking with omega 3 can boost more or less 2.57% of your total fatty acids to 6.62%.

Again, in the process of tissue synthesis, omega 3 fatty acid also has a great impact. As usual, in case of your protein synthesis, it is also effective. Because it is good to increase your protein function rate dramatically.

Also, It reduces muscle breakdown as well as to restore enough energy that helps you to stimulate your muscle growth.

2. Stimulate your exercise recovery

Omega 3 is good to work as the anti-inflammatory compounds. It helps you to quick muscle recovery after doing your exercise. So, you shouldn’t ignore it if you want to be stronger, bigger, and faster.

3. Will make you stronger

Omega 3 can work directly to make you stronger. Because it stimulates the protein function rate and also, it encourages the muscle building process to respond to the amino acids and insulin to make them activated. This is how you can be stronger than before.

4. Reduces the risk of injury while working out

I have already said it that omega 3 is good for your brain function. So, when your brain is working perfectly, it automatically reduces the risk of injury while working out.

Also, it is good to encourage in your tissue degradation, make your inflammation easy, boost up your blood and oxygen flow through your muscles, increases the range of motion along with relieving your joint tenderness.

These all are very important for you to reduce the risk of injury while working out.

5. Works as a Fat Burner

A fat can vanish other fats. Yes, it is possible. The standard amount of Omega 3 fatty acid is good to work as a fat burner. So, not only for growing your muscles but also for losing unwanted fat, you are in need of omega 3 fatty acids.

6. Works well to make you active and for your bone mass

Omega 3 fatty acids are very good to keep you active as well as to make your exercises easier. It helps to decrease your heartbeat rates as well as the oxygen burn in your body. These make you feel better when to workout.

Also, to get a good bone mass, you should take omega 3 as it has a great contribution to it.

These are the basic benefit you can get from taking omega 3 on a daily basis in case of your bodybuilding process.

Not just for your workout and bodybuilding session, omega 3 fatty acids have their broader level of contribution in your health. Have a look over those common issues. I am sure, they will surprise you.

7. For a healthy heart

High-quality omega 3 is very good for increasing the blood circulation in your heart. Also, in the case of the oxygen level in your blood, it has a great hand. So, omega 3 fatty acids are essential to keep your heart healthy.

8. For your brain function

I think I have already cleared the necessity of EPA and DHA in having a good brain function. If you mistakenly missed it, see the essentialities of EPH and DPH further.

Still, for the summarized idea, I can say that Omega 3 fatty acids help you to have an active brain function by encouraging the connection of trillions of microcells.

9. Reduces depression

Many studies have found it out that omega 3 Fatty acids can work well to reduce your stress level and depression.

So, I suggest you take food rich with high-quality omega 3.

10. Infant’s development

In the body development of an infant, DHA has a great hand with DNA synthesis. So, while being pregnant, you should ensure enough Omega 3 for the sake of your child.

11. Reduces the risk of Asthma and ADHD

Omega 3 fatty acid is a very good nutrient to lower the inflammation process of your body. So, this decreases the risk of Asthma.

Again, studies have found that the risk of affecting ADHD by children can be reduced by consuming enough fatty acids.

12. Will save you from dementia and memory loss

If you have any symptom of dementia or memory then omega 3 is a solution for you. Also, it works well as the protection of Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you think these are some kind of silly things? No, they are not. So, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can never deny the essentialities of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Let’s get along with another controversial fact about why the pricing of omega 3 varies too much.


Reasons for what the pricing and the quality vary

Most often, in the market, you will find omega 3 at a different price. Often the differences in those prices will make you astonished. I am sure almost all of you who are having Omega 3 have faced such a confusing situation.

So, it has become a very confused question about why the pricing of Omega 3 is too unequal. Don’t get confused anymore. I am here with a clear idea about it for you.

The expensive fish oils are not alike to most of the cheap ones. The costly fish oils are made with a different procedure which is quite expensive. This procedure is known as the cold-press one.

When omega 3 is produced with this process it then includes a good number of pure EPA and DHA which are really very important for our health. This time, the fish oils are free from the cheap filters.

I know about a very easy trick with what you can easily make it sure whether or not the fish oils are with some cheap filter. Keep them in the freezer for an hour. If they get frozen, then they are not good in quality. They contain lots of cheap filters. But is, they are still liquid, you can keep your trust in them.


Also, the high-quality omega 3 fatty acids are produced from cold water fishes in the ocean and sea. The fishes of Alaska and the area, close to Antarctic Ocean are used most to produce high-grade omega 3. Because the ocean waters of these places are not contaminated like others.

This is another reason for the high expenses of omega 3.

However, the low grade and cheap omega 3 is produced through the high-temperature pressing. It is not an expensive procedure. And the fishes are not also collected from those secure area of ocean.

But when the elements have to go through this procedure, they lose many of their essentialities. So, the grade gets lowered. Even you can find a dose of 1000mg omega 3 with only 300 mg of EPA and DHA which is not fair.

So, if you want to use the most of what you are consuming, you have to ensure the grade and quality of it. This is the reason, I suggest you to avoid taking the low-quality and cheap omega 3 and go for the best of it.

Believe me, Omega 3 is a must-have for your health if you want to grow your muscle and also keep yourself fit. So, it is wise to make the best use of it. For that, you should ensure the best quality of it instead of thinking about the cost.


Some common questions about Omega 3

I actually, don’t know about what exact confusions or questions have come in your mind. But I have tried to gather some common question about Omega 3 fatty acids along with the answers. You can check them below to be more certain.

Q. How much I should take Omega 3 daily?
A. For children, 700 mg of EPA and DHA is essential and for the adult, it is 1,400 to 2,800 mg a day. So, you cannot check the amount of omega 3 itself. Instead, check the amount of EPA and DHA.

Q. Can I get Omega 3 from natural food?
A. Yes, it is possible. Foods like seeds, nuts, Sea fishes like tuna, salmon, Lake trout, Mackerel, eggs etc. are enriched with omega.

Q. Supplements or natural food?
A. If you choose to take supplements, then it will be wiser. Because by taking omega 3 supplements, you can get the exact idea about how much EPA and DHA you are taking.

Natural foods are also good but with them, you have an uncertain idea about how much you are consuming it. So, it will be difficult to make sure the right amount of it.

Q. Is the low-grade Omega 3 harmful?
A. No. Not actually, but it cannot make you sure about the sufficiency of EPA and DHA in your body. Also, some other essential minerals are lost in it. So, it is wise to go for the high-grade one if you don’t have a money problem.


Final Words: In Short

It is completely impossible to deny the necessity of omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy lifestyle. It helps not just in your bodybuilding process but also in reducing lots of dangerous diseases.

Even if you are not a gym guy, it is essential for you too. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman, child or adult, young or old, you need omega 3 fatty acid if you are a health-conscious person.

Hopefully, you don’t have any confusion about omega 3 fatty acids. Still, if you have any then let us know so that we can provide you with a solution.

To get more informative articles about a healthy lifestyle, always stay tuned.