When it is about your skin, most of you don’t do any compromise with anything. You may make sure everything that is the best for your skin. But still, your skin may not have healthy and glowing skin.

Today, I will focus on such a very important fact that is very important for your healthy skin and probably, you always ignore that fact.

It is about your sleeping habit. Yes, your sleeping habit especially lack of sleep & sleeping timing is one of the biggest reasons for your unhealthy skin. Probably, you didn’t have any idea about it but it is true.

Here, I have come with everything you need to know about your sleeping habits that can affect your skin.

So, don’t skip any words. Each and every fact is important here and I am suggesting you think about your habits and change them from now on, in accordance with the facts, I will discuss soon.

First, let me tell you about why sleep time is important for your skin.


Why your skin needs a sound and proper sleep

What you are eating is not the only food of your body, brain, and skin. Proper sleep is the most effective food for your brain, body, and skin. To keep them healthy, proper and enough sleep time in your daily life is mandatory.

When you are having proper sleep, your brain is still working to destroy to dead brain and blood cells. Even your body becomes busy to remove the dead body cells and to clear the way to produce the new cells.

Also, in your sleep time, your brain comes apart from about 60% of your body toxin. You must know that your body toxin makes your skin dal and unhealthy.

To ensure all these important tasks that your body and brain perform, sound sleep has no alternative.

Another important fact is still untold. It is about your sleeping style. Yes, the way your general sleep can do great harm to your skin along with your body. The room temperature you keep in your room, the bed, and pillows, lights, and everything that is related to your sleep, you cannot avoid having a healthy body and skin.

Let’s see how inadequate sleep time ruins your skin health.


Skin problems caused by lack of sleep & inadequate sleep time

Most of the people in this busy world is suffering from different sleep disorders. From those disorders, an inadequate amount of sleep is most common. I am sure that when you come to know about the effects of sleep less than you need on your skin, you will be surprised.

It is not a silly matter to describe with a few sentences. To know almost all of the effects you have to spend a few minutes to read the following points.

1. Immature ageing

Insufficiency of your sleep time effects most on your skin by showing it older than it actually is. You know, your cells along with the skin cells are regenerated when you are sleeping silently.

So, when you don’t’ get enough sleep time, it causes irregular cell regeneration. This causes premature aging.

2. Dark Circle

It is not an uncommon fact that fewer sleep times make a dark circle around your eyes. I think almost everyone is aware of this fact. Remember that when you don’t offer enough rest to your eyes, the area around them don’t stay healthy and so, become darker than before.

3. Wrinkles and dehydrated skin

These two are other results of your irregular sleep time. When you don’t get enough sleep, the body toxin that cannot be reduced will cause wrinkles.

Again, an adequate amount of sleep ensures hydrated skin. So, you have a risk of getting dehydrated skin when you don’t have enough sleep.

4. Dry and red skin with breakouts

Sufficient sleep is necessary as it affects your immune system and inflammation. If they are not going properly, it will make your skin dry, increase the redness and results in frequent breakouts.

5. hair falls

Yes, it is another biggest result of not having enough sleep. When you are going through insufficiency of sleep, you get stressed and that will cause hair fall along with discouraging the growth of your hair.

6. Others

Because of having inadequate sleep time, you will get more acne. Also, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and other inflammatory disorders can be the result of having irregular sleep times.

These are the results of having a lack of sleep only. There are many sleep habits of you, that must be given priority to have healthy skin.


Sleep habits that are not good for your skin.

Here, I have discussed the common sleep habits that ruin the health of your skin.

1. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep can really make a great impact on your skin. Your Skin becomes imbalanced, leading to a dehydrated complexion and redness. Lack of sleep can really do a number on your skin. Not getting enough sleep every night decreases the moisture levels of your skin and lowers your complexion’s pH levels, which in turn causes the skin to look dull and aged.

2. Sleep on your stomach

It sounds funny, ha? No, it is not funny at all. When you lie down on the bed but sleep on your stomach, the friction the causes between your skin and the pillows can be resulted in wrinkles and make it rough. Also, this habit causes your back pain.

3. Sleep on a dirty bed sheet

Your bed sheets should be given a wash at least a week. Otherwise, it may contain more bacteria, germs, dirt, and oils that will damage your skin when it gets closure to the dirty bedsheet. So, don’t keep them dirty.

4. Temperature

It is another unavoidable part of this topic. You cannot keep the temperature of your room too hot or too cold.

When it not hot, your skin cells easily die. Also, your skin gets oily because of the high temperature. Again, it becomes impossible to have a sound sleep at such a high temperature. So, keep it lower.

On another side, when you keep in less than it should be, then your skin can get dehydrated easily. So, you should ensure a comfortable room temperature while sleeping.

5. Sleep in different times

If you don’t sleep maintaining any circadian rhythm, it may result in insomnia and other sleep disorders. This will cause different skin aging problems like dark circles, wrinkles, roughness etc.

6. Sleep on one side

To have better and healthy skin, you should sleep being straight. Sleeping on being one side only can be harmful to your skin. This may cause wrinkles and form the lines, especially on your jawline. So, try to sleep straight.

7. Sleep with having makeup

When you sleep along with the makeup you wore before, it would create a dangerous effect on your skin. You know, most of the makeup products include the toxic sticky film that can damage your skin when it gets along with it for a long time.

So, wash your face properly before going to your bed.

8. Using Phone before sleeping

On your bed, you should never take your phone. when in the darkroom you keep the light of your phone on, it damages your eye functions and hampers your brain function to make you relaxed.

So, stay away from your phones while you are in bed for having a good sleep.

9. Other dangerous sleep habits

Keeping aside these bad habits, there are some more that you have to give up for the sake of your skin.

◢ You should not sleep with your pets. They contain numerous harmful bacteria and germs are can damage your skin quality.

◢ You should not keep your hair untie when you are sleeping. Remember, the hair can damage your skin cells when they come in contact with those cells roughly.

◢ If you have a rough pillowcase then change it and use a softer one. The friction between your skin and the rough pillowcase is not good for it anyway.

◢ You should never take alcohol before your sleep time. It ruins your skin dramatically.

◢ Should not take a heavy meal at least 2 to 3 hours before you come to your bed for having a good sleep.

◢ You shouldn’t make it late to go to sleep. What people say is right, you know? Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

So, these are the common sleep habits that ruin your skin and probably, you didn’t care about them before. If you have learned all about them, I hope you will try to maintain the good on and give up the bad one for your healthy skin.


Our Thought: In Short

Hopefully, you have understood why You have to keep your eyes on your sleeping habits to have healthy skin. Here, I just tell about the effects of your sleeping habits on your skins. When you will come to know about the effects on your overall health, you will become astonished and start regretting sleeping wrongly till today.

So, before making it too late, it is wise to start giving up those bad sleep habits that ruin both of your health and skin. So, from now on, don’t forget to sleep timely and properly.

If you have any question and confusion left about this topic, please inform us. We will try to respond to you soon. Always stay with us and be healthy.