I don’t know how it comes to you to be happy but it is not the same in the cases of all of you about what happiness is. Because happiness is quite a controversial fact.

Here, I am not actually talking about the happiness that varies from person to person. But today our purpose is to know the purest and ethical way to be happy.

Happiness that varies from men to men is actually some kind of terrestrial or earthly happiness.

Some people find happiness in the shopping, in eating foods, in traveling, or in doing something else. These are the kinds of carnal or terrestrial or worldly happiness.

But we are going to discuss a different kind of happiness that is spiritual happiness as well as the way to achieve spiritual happiness.

First, let me tell you about what is spiritual happiness and why we need spiritual happiness.


Spiritual Happiness

Actually, carnal happiness is a part of spiritual happiness. But not in all the cases.

Worldly happiness is often related to your needs and favorites. But spiritual happiness is somehow related to the psychic complacency and graciousness.

Most often you are not conscious about how your inner and spiritual self becomes happy but you can feel something different around yourself. When you are spiritually very happy, little things come with enjoyment.

A person with a pure soul is most often able to feel spiritual happiness. But it is not impossible for the person who is not ethically motivated at all to feel such happiness.

To say it frankly, good deeds bring spiritual happiness.

Now, another controversial fact ascends here. It is about what are the good deeds. It is not actually that much controversial if we will not talk from the religious perspectives.

Because different religions will talk about different deeds. So, I should skip that part and I am keeping that part completely up to you.

What I can say about good deeds after skipping the part of religious perspectives is deeds that will come as good for you and other persons are the good deeds. A deed will never come as good if it makes harm to others.

So, let’s see how we can find such special happiness in our day to day life.


The true ways to find happiness

You may not find the following ways all the same that I am going to write. You may think those cannot bring happiness.

To be true, ecclesiastic happiness also varies. But most of the time, the ways are the same. So, you can have a glance at them.

1. Self Respect

You are not especially unable and for nothing in this world. The One who created you must assign you something to do in this world. So, you are not a useless person.

This is the reason you should respect yourself as a creature of your creator. Without being self-respected, it is impossible to be happy. For yourself, you are special and you are distinctive.

So, you should respect the body which carries your soul and the soul which assists your body. That means you should respect yourself.

A self-respecting person has a special kind of trust upon himself and most often he can find exactly what is good and what is bad for him. This way, they become happy.

So, if you want to be happy then start respecting yourself.

2. Be happy with what you have

Greed can never come along with idealistic happiness. So, you should never greed about what others have and that you don’t have.

What I am trying to say you must get it. Yes, you should be satisfied with what you have.

Think about it for a minute. In this world, do all the people have what exactly you have? No, almost not. All the people don’t have the things that you have.

Think about the device you are using to read this article at this moment. There are thousands of people who don’t have this device and cannot enjoy what you can. So, why so sad about your lacking?

There is no reason to be dissatisfied with what you have. If you cannot be satisfied with that then it is completely impossible to be happy.

So, if you really want to be happy, stay away from cupidity and rapacity and stay happy with what you have.

3. Be generous

Another key fact to be happy is to be kind and generous to others. when you find the ability to help someone else whether she is your family member, relative or not, this deed will make you happy.

When someone feels happy for your help, your heart automatically feels the same happiness.

In almost all the religion, it is said to be kind to other creatures of the Creator. It can be your family member, your relatives, your neighbors, your friends, someone unknown or any animal. You should use all the opportunity to help others to be happy.

You can help a poor by giving something to him or by feeding him. If you don’t have anything to give then you can ask your friends and family to help him. However you can, you should help others.

Sometimes by doing some very easy and mere things can be counted as help and so, will make you happy. Simply by helping someone crossing the road or keeping a water pot outside for animals in the summer, you can help others.

This will bring ecclesiastic happiness and will make a happy life for you.

4. Treat yourself well

I have already said it that you are special to yourself and so, you should respect yourself. But at the same time, you also should treat yourself well.

Believe me, it will make you happy. You should think about your needs and favorite.

Here, I am asking you to place some importance to earthly happiness.

But you don’t need to be greedy and makes too many cravings to face your needs and pleasures. Just treat yourself with what you have. I am pretty sure that you will be happy.

5. Exercise

I don’t know whether you will believe me or not but it is true that doing regular exercise will make you happy.

You know that it is said that a sound mind is in the sound body. So, to be happy you need a sound mind for which you need a sound body.

You can wake up early in the morning and go outside for jogging. The morning air will refresh your mind and at the same time, a walk will make you fit.

Here I also want to add other advice. Along with doing some regular exercise, you should eat a balanced diet for a sound body.

6. Have a connection with nature

If you are a city dweller, then this advice is for you. I think you should maintain a good connection with nature.

You know, nature has the power to energize you and to make you delightful. You can find out a place, full of trees and green areas to spend some time there.

You can walk there or spend some time sitting there alone. It will be more effective and you will be happy.


7. Find some purposes and interest in works

If you are making your profession that is not interesting and purposeful to you, you can never handle it by being happy.

So, find a job that is interesting and purposeful to you. That will reduce boredom in your profession and you will be happy doing your job properly.

8. Some short pieces of advice

Here, I left some little but effective bits of advice for you to find real happiness in your life.

◢ Good and generous companion or group of companions will make you happy from your heart.

◢ To be happy you should take some breaks in your long term job. Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep concentration and interest in your job.

◢ Keeping good relation with your family and friends will always make you happy. Nostalgia and memory of the persons you are not connected with will destroy your happiness.

◢ Good and sound sleep is also essential to have a happy day.

◢ Doing your work by yourself and not to depend on others as long as it is possible is also good to make you happy.

◢ A well decorated and clean home or living space will make your mind cheerful.

◢ Be active and don’t waste your time for anything. It will destroy your spiritual happiness.

◢  Be true to your Creator.

◢ Live life in simplicity.

◢ Be true to everyone you love.

◢  Don’t live with a lie. A lie will make a chain of lies which will create fear in your mind and you won’t be happy.

◢ Smile when you find a reason. Thousand of people are not getting chances to smile. Utilize the opportunities you get.

◢ Stop getting angry for silly things.

◢ Try to forgive.

◢ Forget bad memories and cherish the good one.

◢ Lastly, love yourself along with the people around yourself.

These are actually not the keys to open the locker, containing happiness. These are the ways you can adapt to satisfy your soul and get terrestrial or worldly happiness.


Our Thoughts: In Short

Always remember that money actually cannot bring happiness. You can be happy in the street if you are living there too.

To be generous, to be kind, to be helpful, to be true, to be self-respected, and to smile you don’t need money.

Just try these for a week at least. I am sure that you will find a big difference and will get your life in easement and graciousness.

You can let me know if you have got any help from me. These are maybe some pieces of common advice but I am confident that they are effective to make you happy from your heart.

Hope, this world will be a place of lots of happy people who can spread happiness to others