Whether or not taking a bath is a very silly thing to you, it carries great importance in your life.

Most of us used to take a bath without knowing the proper way of it. To be true, many think that there is no particular way to take a bath and washing our body with water is okay.

But they are bearing a wrong idea. Because there are a lot of advantages to taking a bath properly. And following the wrong ways of taking a bath can cause big harms like stroke, heart attacks, and so on.

If you are reading this article right now and thinking about it as a very silly topic, then I am requesting you to read the whole article.

I am pretty sure that you will learn something new and very essential.

However, I will show you the proper ways to take bath step by step. A little description of the benefits of every step will also be attached so that you can understand why they are essential.

I have divided all the steps into three parts. They are the pre-stage activities, main activities, and post-stage activities of taking bath.

Also, the proper time of taking a bath is also elaborate here.
So, let’s see why and how to take a bath properly.

Steps of taking bath properly

I have already said that all the steps are divided into three initial stages of activities. So, this section should be divided into three parts.

Step 1: Pre-stage activities

Before taking a bath you need to perform some activities using water. Ask me why? I am telling you. First, let me tell you what you should do this time.


First, wash your hand properly. After that, gurgle for a few times properly. Make sure that you are not drinking the water if it is not purified.

The next task is to wash the holes of your nose properly. Remember that it will hurt you if water goes into your nose. But that is not something dangerous. Then wash your face properly.

Then wash your hand up to the knees. Make sure all the body hair are getting washed. It is better to wash this part three times. I will clear the reasons for it too.

Now keep your hand wet with water and rubbing your ear sides, head, and neck sides.

You can end your pre-stage activities by washing your feet properly.

Now, let me tell you why you should perform these activities before taking your bath.


Listen carefully, when you take a bath with water, the temperature of your body is much higher than the water you will use.

When you put that cold water on your body with comparatively high temperatures, your body cannot go smoothly with the changing temperature. So, it can cause stroke, heart attacks and so on.

But when you wash your hands, mouth, nose holes, gurgle, neck, ear and so on, your body is adjusting with the temperature of water slowly.

So, there will be no possibility to get shocked because of the sudden change of temperature.

Also, when you take a bath, most often you avoid washing your nose holes and also don’t gurgle at all. By not doing so, we are keeping them in germs and bacteria. This is also very harmful.

Step 2: Main activities

The activities you should perform when to take your bath are described here. It is all about to wash your full body.


You should wash the right side of your body above your head. Rub your hand all over your body with water to make sure that all the body hair is washing. Pour water on your body for several times.

Next, go for the left side of your body and follow the same way.

Lastly, go for the head and all over your body. Rub your hair and make sure that your scalp is washed properly and a single cell of your outside scalp is getting washed.


I am reminding you again to wash your body a few time, more specifically, at least three times. It will keep your body fresh and free from germs and bacteria that are very dangerous for your health.

If you wash your body for only one time, there is a big possibility to remain some part of your body unwashed.

Again, rubbing your body with or without soap and body wash can ensure a germ and dirt free feelings. Also, a kind of massage is done in this way which is very necessary to keep your blood circulation level perfect.

Stage 3: Post-stage activities

These activities refer to the work you should perform after having your bath. It is about swabbing your body and keeping the body temperature lower.


After having your bath you should take a dry cloth or towel with what you can swab your wet body. Make sure that no water is left and your hair is also dry.

If you have long hair, you can wrap your hair with the towel to keep it dry. It is better not to use a hair dryer to dry your hair.
After you leave the bathroom, you should immediately drink a glass of water.


You have to make sure that you swab your body well. Because if you keep it wet then you can get cold or fever. Also, drying your hair is essential for the same reason.

I suggest you not to use a hair dryer because it is no good for your health and hair. The temperature it uses to keep your hair dryer can kill your hair follicles.

Again, the way your head get high-temperature flow can be dangerous too.

One more thing I mentioned which is drinking a glass of water after leaving the bathroom.

It is important to make a balance of temperature in your body.
So, these are the ways you can have a proper bath.


Some important questions and answers

Here I have put some of the most common questions and their answers for you.

Q. How many times a week I should take a bath?

A. It is not mandatory to take a proper bath every day. You can go for a bath three times a week or more. But taking a bath every day is not harmful.

Q. When should I take a bath?

A. The time when you take a bath is more important than the other factors.

It is better to take a bath in the morning. It will present you a whole day of freshness.

If you are a morning workout guy then you can take a shower after doing the workout. Again. if you have oily skin, then having a shower in the morning can be very helpful for you to remove the oil from your body.

Q. What about taking a bath at night?

A. Taking a bath at night can never be suggested as long as you feel very dirty and there is no other way to without having it. Remember that taking a shower at night can cause cold, fever, cough, and pneumonia.

Q. What about using a bath-tub?

A. Yes, you can use a bath-tub but make sure that no water will enter into your ear and the temperature of the water is not too high and also, not too low.

Q. What about using the swimming pool?

A. It is always been prohibited. The water of a swimming pool is not safe to use for a bath. Even, most human urinate there. So, it is better to stay away from there.


What does Islam say?

If you are a Muslim or love to live, maintaining the Islamic norms, then I suggest you perform all the pre-stage activities sequentially and 3 times in a row. Then it will be the Wudu, the way to get purified. But to perform Wudu you have to start with the name of the Almighty Allah.

Performing Wudu or ablution is suggested in Islam before having a bath.

It is also suggested to take your bath in a covered area where no people can see you. To be more specific, keeping privacy is suggested here.


Our Though: In short

Have you got a clear thought about the way of taking a bath properly? I think you have. You should also understand the benefits of having a bath properly.

We take a shower to purify ourselves. Dirt cannot become our companion if we take a bath properly. So, without having the habit of taking a proper bath, it is not possible to stay healthier.

So, I wish you will, from now on, take your bath properly.

If any of my suggestion is not perceivable to use, please inform me. Also, let me know if you have any questions left. Thank you in advance.