If you want to lose your weight you must be familiar with the suggestion that “say no to carbs”. Isn’t it?

I don’t know exactly what others tell you about carbs but I have enough proof that carbs are essential and to keep a distance from carbs is not a good idea at all. Specially if there no or low carb diet.

This article is for them who have a phobia of carbohydrates which we can call carbophobia. Whatever you are trying to do, either losing weight or gaining muscle, your body needs carbohydrates.

Actually, nothing excessive is good. If you really want to reduce fat, you can reduce the portion of carbs from your diet but you can never take away all the carbs from your diet if you are really a health conscious person.

On another side, you may be brainwashed by many companies and syndicates to totally say no to carbs. So, today, I have aimed to bring all the truth about carbs before you.

First, let me tell you about carbophobia.



You must know that what a phobia is. Yes, Phobia is a disorder that creates an irrational fear of something. So, Carbophobia will refer to the fear of carbohydrates.

Isn’t it funny? For you, it may be funny but there are people who have this phobia.  But the question is why they are afraid of carbs?

Many of you have no idea about how different protein companies and syndicates have brainwashed people to hate carbs. However, about this topic, I will come later with the explanation.

People, in most of the cases, hate carbs because they don’t want to get fat and gain weight. They misunderstand carbs as the most responsible food type that makes them fat. So, when it is about carbs, they start saying no.

But most of them don’t have any idea about what is carbs and why it is bad and why it is good. So, let’s let’s see what is the carbs actually.



Carbs or the carbohydrates are the little particles or molecules that include carbon hydrogen and oxygen atoms. It is one of the three macronutrients we find in our food.

Almost half of the calorie we absorb daily has come from the carbohydrates. So, in a balanced diet, the portion of carbs is often the largest one.

Carbohydrates are actually of three different types.

1. Suger

It is the worst type of carbohydrate for which, maximum people blame it. It is actually sweet and found in most of the fruit and vegetables. glucose,  fructose, galactose, and sucrose are the common carbohydrates of this group.

2. Starch

It is really a very good source of energy as it provides slow and steady energy that will keep you energized all day long. Bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta are a very good source of starch.

3. Fiber

It is another plant-based carbohydrate that is also very good for your body.  Vegetables, wholegrain bread, wholewheat pasta, pulses etc are the common source of fiber.

So, these are the types of carbohydrates and your body needs almost all of them. All you have to do is to know that right amount of them, you have to take.

Let’s see why your body needs carbohydrates in short. It will help you get over with the fear of carbohydrates.


Benefits of having carbohydrates

Please spend a few minutes to see the benefits of having good carbohydrates. I am pretty sure that you will be astonished to find out some really very important job of carbohydrates that ain’t heard by you ever.

1. Carbs can promote your weight loss

Many kinds of research have found that carbohydrates with dietary fibers can promote weight loss. Many carbohydrates include dietary fiber and it is an indigestible complex carbohydrate. And it is very good to reduce extra fat from your body. You can find out the good source of carbohydrates soon.

Furthermore, carbohydrates with slow release energy in your breakfast can keep your stomach full and so, will help to reduce your fat. Also, same carbs are also good to boost your gym time if you consume them 3 hours before starting your gym.

2. Carbs for a healthy heart

Will, you believe me if I say that some carbohydrates are very good for your heart? Yes, it is true.

There is a kind of carbohydrates that is known as the soluble-fiber, a kind of fiber that can be found in foods with carbs. This type of fiber is good to reduce the LDL cholesterol which is very dangerous for your hart.

On another side, carbs also help to produce HDL cholesterol, a good friend of your heart.

3. Carbs are good for your memory too

Yes, fiber and the carbs you can get from vegetables and fruits are very effective to keep your brain active and so to your memory. This is why those who are in their low-carb diet often suffer from short term dementia and problems like that.

4. Carbs as the source of energy

It is known to all that carbs are the best source of energy. We get almost half of our daily energy from carbs. Can you think what will happen when you are deprived of that huge amount of energy? Yes, you must be weaker.

So, you have to take a sufficient amount of carbs if you want to stay healthy and stronger.

5. Promote your mood

Carbohydrates are well known to boost your mood and make you happy from your heart.  Because it can reduce your stress level and improve your brain function. So, you will get help to get over from our mental illness and disorders.

Carbohydrates are believed to be good at promoting serotonin levels which is very essential to degrade your depression levels.

6. Reduce the risk of cancer

Some foods, rich in carbohydrates like onion, tomato, bell paper, and many other vegetable and herbs are very essential to reduce the risk of carbohydrates. Also, they are very good to fight with cancer at the early stage.

7. Others

Here, I add some minor benefits of having good carbohydrates.

◢ Some good carbs improve your metabolism.

◢ There are some fruits, rich in carbohydrates like banana, that can promote your sleep.

◢ Good for your nerve system and brain function.

◢ Good for having a better digestive system.

◢ Can improve your lifespan.

◢ Good for your muscle mass.

These are the common benefits of having carbohydrates regularly. Do you think this is some mere things? No, all these are essential and you can never deny that carbs are very important.

Now, for the carbophobic, I have left some warnings about what can be happened when you totally omit all carbs from your diet plan to make it a 0.



Results of omitting carbs from your diet plan

Till now, I have described why your body needs carbohydrates. Now, it’s time to change the topic. Yes, I am going to elaborate about what kind of results you will fact when you totally omit taking carbs.

So, keep your eyes on the below points to learn about why you cannot omit to take enough carbs.

◢ When your body doesn’t get enough dietary fiber, it will come at a risk of constipation.

◢. Carbs are the main source of fuel. So, when your body doesn’t have enough of it, you will lack fuel and so to energy.

◢ As you don’t get enough energy, your body must face fatigue, dizziness, and weakness.

◢ Ketosis is another result of not having sufficient carbs. While in this process, you will be suffering from headaches, nausea, bad breath etc.

◢ Without nutrient of proper carbohydrates, your brain will not function well. So, it will be tougher to pay concentration properly. Mental illness is also a result of insufficiency of carbohydrates.

◢ Another reason can be the change in your mood. I did describe how carbs help to keep you with a good mood.

◢ Low blood sugar level is another cause of not having sufficient carbohydrates.

Hopefully, you understand how dangerous it will be if you will not take enough carbohydrates. But still, many of you will think these something very silly. It can be possible that they are brainwashed by some protein manufacturing company policies. Let me discussed you this fact in short.


Company policies to move your attention from carbs

You must know that the biggest part of your diet is supposed to be the carbs. So, when you will omit all the carbs what will you choose to depend on? Almost it will be the protein.

And you also know that protein supplements have become the most reliable and easy to get a source of protein.

The protein manufacturing companies have takes this opportunity to make a big sale. They show how beneficial it would be if you completely omit carbs from your diet chart. Many of you may be brainwashed by their motivational idea that directly or indirectly leads you to stay away from carbs.

So, keep your eyes open and on the point. Do not trust whatever is said by whoseever. I also suggest you make a little and personal research on the topic you want to learn. But you can trust the sources that have reliability in their words.

I have promised you before that I will tell you about the goods and bad carbohydrates. It’s time for that.


Good and Bad Carbohydrates

I like to keep the good first. So, let’s see what are the good carbohydrates first.

Good Carbs.

◢ Almost all kinds of vegetables like tomato, cucumber, beetroots, celery etc.

◢ Whole fruits like banana, apples, berries etc.

◢ Nuts like peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts etc.

◢ Seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. chia seeds etc.

◢ Potatoes and sweet potatoes.

◢ Whole grains like oats, quinoa, brown rice etc.


Bad Carbs.

Let’s check out which of the carbs are not good for us.

◢ Sugar-containing drinks like Coca-cola, Pepsi etc.

◢ White bread and Flour made foods.

◢ Sweetened fruit juice and beverages.

◢ Ice cream that contains much sugar.

◢ Cake, cookie, and pastries which are rich in sugar and refined wheat.

◢ Fried potato and other fried food with carbs.

I think these are enough for you to choose which is good and which one is not.

Before I start the conclusion, I want to tell you about something important. It is about the number of carbs you should take every day.


The standard amount of carbs on a daily diet

Many of you will ask this question after reading about this topic. This is why I think it as another important fact of carbohydrates.

However, lets come to the point. As an adult and healthy person, you should take 44 to 65 percent of your daily calorie source from carbs.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, an adult should take 130 grams of carbs. For a pregnant, it is about 175 grams and for a breastfeeding woman, it is about 210 grams.

So, you should make it sure that you are getting sufficient carbs to live a healthy life.

But if you are suffering diseases like diabetes, then I suggest you consult with a specialist personally to find out the number of carbs you should consume every day.


Our Thoughts: In Short

Now, think about why I have told these much about carbohydrates? It’s all bout to raise awareness against the policy that suggests you to not to take any carbs at all.

No curbs is not a solution. It will make you weaker and seek. So, you should take carbs as much as your body needs and make a balanced diet with other nutrients.

I didn’t mention about the bad sides of carbs and it doesn’t mean that carbs have no side sides. Yes, carbs are sometimes bad. For that, I suggest you take the good carbs only and avoid the bad ones.

Hopefully, you have understood about what I have tried to say and also you have got over out the fear of carbs, I mean carbophobia. Still, if you have any question, just let us know before you forget it.

Thank you for staying with us.