Today, we will discuss a quite controversial topic that brings both religious and scientific issue. It is about the benefits of wearing pant above your ankle, I mean keep the ankle uncovered for the men.

If you are a Muslim, you must hear about it before and now thinking that how this topic brings the reference of science here. Isn’t it? Probably you are.

Do you know that almost all the issues, Islam pieces of advice the followers have been proven by science with the passage of time? And this fact has also its scientific importance.

Now, come for the non-muslim readers. Please, do not quite reading this article thinking it a completely religious one. The thing, I want to say to my Muslim brothers is the same things I want to say to you.

If you keep aside the concern of Islamic prohibition of this fact, still it has a great deal with your health. So, you shouldn’t just keep your eyes aside just watching the religious concern here.

The issue, today, will be discussed in terms of both of its religious and scientific view alongside the historical background of it. So, first, let me start with what Islam says about it.


Wearing pants above the ankle in Islam

Allah, the Almighty in the Quran and prophet (saws) in different Hadith, have given thousands of advice for the followers. Till now, no scientist ever can raise a logical question in the authenticity of that advice. Rather, one by one, all of them are proving good for human beings by them.

Allah, the great just shows us the ways to live in the best way through His Quran and through our last prophet (saws). Here, in many cases, the importance of those facts have given but not the explanation.

It is like an examination of Allah if His followers have believed in his words with no explanation. So, Muslims have belief in the words of Allah and the prophet (saws) and they themselves bring out the explanation of those words logically.

Just like this, the fact of keeping the cloth above a man’s ankle is given priority and strictly forbidden to hide up it with a long cloth. So, Muslims follow the idea and in this scientific era, scientists also bring out the logical importance of following this advice too.


Historical background ( sign of arrogance)

The act of keeping your cloth below the ankle has an important historical background that turned it into a sign of arrogance. Let me explain it.

In the time of the Prophet (saws) when the production of cloth was very expensive and difficult, people who were rich used to keep their cloth long, even longer than their ankles. For them, it was just to prove that they have enough money to buy that much cloth.

So, they keep their cloth scrape the ground when they walked just to show how wealthy they were. It was an act of arrogance and pride which is strictly forbidden.

So, Prophet (saws) prohibited his followers to keep their dress above the ankle whether or not they have more than sufficient money. This is the reason, the act of having cloth below the ankle has become a sign of arrogance in case of men.


How Islam prohibited keeping cloth below the ankle?

In Islam, this kind of activity is strictly prohibited. You will understand this just with two of the below references.

Hadith number 293 of Sahih Muslim says that Allah will not talk with three categories of people. The first category the them who wear clothes below their ankle The second category is them who always remind their favors and the last one is them who says things with falsehood.

Secondly, the Prophet (saws) said, “That which hangs below the ankle, will be in Jahannam.” (Bukhari)

So, you must understand how strictly it is prohibited to keep your cloth below the ankle.

Now, let’s see how actually science and logic discuss it.


The scientific concern

None of the true Islamic suggestion has yet not been disapproved by any logical arguments. Rather one by one, they are getting logical and scientific authenticity.

Like this, recently scientists have proven the importance of keeping your cloth above the ankle.

You must know the male sex hormone testosterone and androgen are so very much important for the men.

You must be surprised to know that there is hormonal gland of those sex hormone in the ankle of the men. And this gland needs proper sunlight and air to stay active and alive.

So, when you use your cloth to cover your ankle, the hormonal gland doesn’t get proper sunlight and air containing oxygen and other necessary substance in the air.

As a result of this, the hormonal gland will not work properly and hormonal imbalance occurred. So, it will bring early and unwanted aging alongside diminishing your sexual ability.

So, the ankle of a man is the most important place to keep uncovered for the sake of his health.


Other benefits

The scientific logic of keeping your pants above the ankle is too important that the other reasons may seem to be sillier.

You may have more than enough money to have extra cloth. But to use them for covering the ankle will be nothing but some dissipation and extravagance.

Also, if you have to keep it longer, it will always be dirty containing more germs. So, there is a risk of having an infection with this.

Lastly, I want to mention the same thing again, as it is a sign of arrogance, you should always avoid it.


Bottom lines

I have discussed how and why keeping your cloth above your ankle is suggested by Islam with priority. Also, I have shown the scientific reason to do so.

Now, you are the one to make the choice. If you think doing unusual styling is more important than your health, you can do what you think it right. But I will suggest both the Muslim and non-Muslim health-conscious people keep your cloth above your ankle.

I hope, I successfully make you understand the importance of this suggestion. Still if, you have any question or confusion left, please let me know before you forget.

Thank you very much for staying with us.