Are you willing to make the workout effective at the most? Post Workout Meal is the most crucial part which is missed by most of the people

Do you want to have a perfect body structure and a healthy lifestyle for what you are doing a workout on a daily basis?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Because here, I have something important for you that you may not be concern about.

Today, the topic is post workout nutrition. Post workout indicates the phase immediately after workout. If you don’t have much idea about this fact, I suggest you not to skip a single word because I promise, you will know many things essential and may be unknown to you before.

Many of your advisors may suggest you to not to take foods immediately after working out the means in the post-workout phase. If anyone really says something like that then it is completely a myth. Don’t believe them.  

Instead, in the post-workout phase, some foods with some particular nutrition is a must-have for you to make your workout most effective.

So, here, I will discuss what, how, and why to eat in the post-workout phase to make it most effective.

First, let me tell you why your body needs post workout nutrition. After that, I will discuss the rest, I mean, all your question with what and how.


Why your body needs Post Workout Nutrition?

You know, our body never deals with consuming foods equally all the time. It varies mostly in accordance with our activities and also the timing. So, you cannot take any foods any time you want to.

But when the fact is related to the workout, believe me, it is completely an unavoidable fact. Foods, that you consume after and before working out is very important. To make your workout most effective, you have to be conscious about the meal you are taking before and after it.

As this article is about the post workout nutrition, I will precisely describe the food and nutrition you should take after working out instead of that before doing so.

By taking proper meal and nutrition it is possible to improve our body composition and health issue. Even, for some nutritionists, it is like a mandatory. So, it will be a wise decision to ensure proper nutrition on your post-workout phase.

You must know that when you are doing some workout, your body gets some changes. For example, you lose some energy, some protein breakdowns occur, it makes slow the process of protein synthesis, your muscles get depleted and get some minor damages. So, need to ensure all the repair and recovery as soon as  possible.

This is why post-workout nutrition is often compulsory for you. Let’s see how can help you repairing all your damages during working out.

◢  When you are doing endurance exercise, protein breakdown must happen. Also, the process of protein turnover happens when you are doing some resistance training and hard workout in the gym.

So, a good post-workout meal can decrease the process of protein breakdown.

◢  After doing such an exercise, the process of protein synthesis gets slower. Also, the rate of protein synthesis is getting decline when your body is involving with cardio and resistance training.

A nutritive post-workout meal can a good solution to increase the process of protein synthesis in your body.

Don’t forget that without a proper protein synthesis, you cannot build your muscles as possible as you can.

◢  When your body is involving with extreme and hard workout, the Glycogen level of your body decreases excessively. In such a situation, replenishing the glycogen level is very necessary. For that, you should take a post-workout meal.

◢  Also, the energy you lose when doing exercise, you need to replenish them. Really, it is very essential. And you have known that to restore that lost energy you need to take some post-workout meal with proper nutrition.

◢  Often your body muscles get some minor internal damages for doing an extreme workout. A post-workout meal with enough nutrition is enough to recover those internal damages.

◢  Also, to increase the muscle size and quality, your body needs some nutrition just after doing some hard work. Because a good post-workout meal is capable of encouraging the process of building muscles.

◢  To encourage the improvement of your bone mass, a nutritive post-workout meal is also essential.

◢  When you take something good and nutritive as a post-workout meal, your body will face comparatively less muscle twinge and soreness.

◢  Also, post-workout nutrition is good to improve your immune system.

◢  If you have enough body fat and you want to utilize them to build muscle then don’t forget to take some nutritive post-workout meal. It is really very important to use body fat as a fuel to build your muscle.

These are the main reasons for what your body needs a post-workout meal with proper nutrition.

Wait. … Did I forget to tell you about the situation in the anabolic state?
Listen carefully, if you are in the anabolic state, I mean, trying to grow up your muscles, then you cannot avoid the post-workout meal at any rate.

Don’t forget About what I have said just before a few minutes. However, I repeat. Post-workout nutrition is mandatory to increase the protein synthesis process along with to recover the protein breakdown. So, you cannot deny the necessity of taking post-workout nutrition.

Now, let’s see which nutrition are most effective as for the post-workout phase. I repeat, it is about nutrition, not the foods. After you learn about the nutrition, I promise, I will add a list of foods that are the best as the post-workout meal.


Nutrition for post-workout phase

Not every nutrition is good for you just after working out. Suppose, you cannot take the food that contains the nutrition which makes your digesting process slower.

However, let’s check out the nutrition you should take immediately after working out.

1. Protein

It is the best one for your post-workout phase. Protein stimulates the rate of protein synthesis. Also, it helps to decrease the protein breakdown that happens when you are involving with extreme hard exercise.

If you like to take a protein supplement, I suggest you take whey protein and the other that can be absorbed quickly.

Always remember that the protein you take just after working out will work more effectively in the process of protein synthesis then taking it at other times of a day.

2. Amino acid and Leucine

Amino acid and leucine are directly involved with protein synthesis. This is why I am suggesting you take foods that are rich with these nutrients.

Again, this Amino acid is incomparable in your bodybuilding process because it is mixed with your bloodstream along with insulin and this fact works well to reduce your muscle breakdown.

3. Carbs

If you have any health issue like blood sugar, I will suggest you take some carbs to increase the insulin levels in your body.

Actually, carbs have less effect in your muscle building process as a post-workout meal. But it is good to reduce your muscle breakdown as it increases the rate of insulin levels.

On another side, curbs with glycogen are very good for the post-workout phase. The reason is simple. You have learned it already that hard workouts can decrease the glycogen level in your body. So, carbs, rich with glycogen can help here.

4. Fat

If you think that fat will harm your muscles building process and the digest system, it is totally a wrong idea.

Fats are good for your post-workout phase. Even, for some nutritionists, fats are essentials in your post-workout meal. To restore the energy you lose while working out, fat may come as a great help.

5. Water

Water is another incomparable element for the post-workout phase.

Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to infuse your body that may get dehydrated when you are doing the workout.

It is not mandatory to take any vitamin in particular. Because vitamins are not supposed to perform any special task in your post-workout phase. But fish oil and creatine are effective for this phase.

So, you should take foods with these nutrients so make a great recovery in the post-workout phase. Now check the common food list that is good and essential as the post-workout meals.



Foods for a post-workout meal

I think it will be easy for you to choose the foods and to understand the food categories if I categorize the foods in accordance with the nutrients. So, let’s check them out.

1. Protein

◢ First absorbing protein like whey.

◢ Chicken.

◢ Eggs.

◢ Fishes like salmon, tuna etc.

◢ Yogurt and cheese.

◢ Protein bar and chocolate.

2. Carbs

◢ First absorbing supplements with carbs.

◢ Potatoes and especially sweet potatoes.

◢ Green vegetables.

◢ Rice and rice cakes.

◢ Fruits like banana, berries, pineapples, apples, kiwi etc.

◢ Pasta and spaghetti.

◢ Quinoa.

h. Oatmeal and cereal.

3. Fats

(all types of fats are not good) You can follow the chart below.

◢ Peanut butter.

◢ almond butter.

◢ Any kind of nuts.

◢ Avocadoes.

Now, I suggest you make and customize your recipes or processed foods using these food types. That will be the best post-workout meal for you. For example, you can make your meal with a grilled chicken with avocado, Yogurt with berries, pasta with scrambled eggs, rice with salmon, protein smoothies with peanut butter etc.

Now I have created a list of some common question most of you often face about post-workout nutrition. So, continue reading to learn about those facts.


Common questions and answers

These are the most common questions many gym guys both beginners and even the experts often face.

Q. After how long I should take the post-workout meal?
A. It is better to take your meal within 30 to 60 mins after doing your workout.

But if your home is far from your gym or you are in a different situation you can take 15 more minutes. Remember, more than 75 minutes cannot be considered as the post-workout phase. It will be too late.

Q. Supplements or natural foods?
Nothing is bad. But supplements are a bit more effective as they can be absorbed faster than the natural foods.

It doesn’t mean that natural foods are not effective. I suggest you take supplement only when you have both in your stock, I mean supplement and natural foods. It will be time-saving too.

Q. Which food should be avoided?
A. You should avoid foods with stimulants, saturated fat, high sugar, and caffeine.

In the post-workout phase, you need to calm your body and have some relax. These foods will make your brain and body active and so, these should be taken as the pre-workout meal, not at the post-workout phase.

Q. How much should I take?
A. Not too less and not too much. Just take a full meal. It is not about taking a snack. You should eat a meal like your lunch or breakfast.

I just remember I have forgotten to tell a very important fact about post workout meal. To learn about that don’t stop paying your concentration here.


The window of opportunity

Yes, it is the post-workout meal which is called the window of opportunity by many nutritionists. You know why? Let me you. I know it will clarify how important a post-workout meal is.

Scientists and nutritionists have found it that in relation to the foods you consume the whole day, a post-workout meal is dramatically more effective and it is up to 25% than the regular food.

This is why for those who want to grow and build muscles, a post-workout meal is the window of opportunity.


Our Thoughts: In Short

Let’s give a rethink to it with your brain. Don’t you think that it is very normal that you have to feed the hungry muscles that worked much a few minutes ago?

Yes, you have to. To keep them healthier and also to grow them, you have to feed them when they work much harder. You must understand what I am trying to say. Yes, I am saying about the post-workout phase and the nutrition, your hungry muscles need at that time.

So, don’t neglect this fact. Try to have a happy mealtime with the foods, rich with the nutrients I have mentioned already. I hope you will find the difference, I mean the progression, soon.

Also, let me know if you have any question about what I didn’t give any information. And also, don’t forget to inform me If I have mistaken something important about this fact. Thank you in advance.