Nature gives us various types of fruits as gifts. Most of these fruits are sweet, full of nutrients, vitamin, fiber, and water. So, people who are more health conscious prefer fruits over other snacks.

Should you be eating fruits at night, before bed, in the morning or on empty stomach? But among those health conscious people, there is a group who thinks that all kinds of fruits can be consumed anytime and in any way. To tell the truth, it is actually a myth.

Generally, most of the fruits have no side effects and can be consumed at any time. But this may not come as benefits.

So, not just the fruits, we should east each and every healthy food we eat in the right way and at the right time. So, in this article, I will tell about what, when, and how facts of fruits.

First, let me tell you why we should not eat any kind of food at any time.

Besides fruits, every kind of foods has the right way and time to eat. If you don’t maintain the rules, you make have to suffer a lot.

Suppose, you have to take a big meal right before you start exercising. Do you know, it can be a cause of death? Yes, everything has some rules and to live healthily you have to follow them.

However, let’s have a look over the subsequent points where the facts with the brief and precise descriptions are given.

I have tried to gather all the important facts of the prover wat of consuming fruits here.

So, I hope you will understand these facts and will follow from now on.


Proper ways to eat fruits with the ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘what’

Many people think that there is no accurate way to eat fruits and you can eat them at any time. If you are one of them then you are doing a serious mistake.

I think you know that different types of fruits contain different types of nutrients and acids. Some are not good for an empty stomach where some are not good for the full stomach.

Again, some fruits contain much sugar that is not good for high blood-sugar patients.

So, it is wise to learn about those facts mentioned below.


1. Foods in the empty stomach

You know, when you should consume fruits at most? Yes, it is the morning. The best time to eat fruits in the morning when you have your stomach empty.

Fruits like banana, apple, mango, papaya, guava, pomegranate, avocado, kiwi, palm, peach, and berries are good to eat at morning as breakfast along with a full glass of water and optionally with tea or coffee.

Fruits are full of anti-oxidants and different types of minerals. These anti-oxidants are very essential to prevent cell damage as well as to suppress the risk of inflammation.

Also, the vitamins and other minerals of the fruits will be activated soon to keep you healthy and active from the very morning.

Not just in the morning, at other times when you have an empty stomach, you cat fruits. But here is an advice for you.

But here is another warning for you. I will prevent you to eat fruits in the morning with an empty stomach if you are with a week stomach or have a stomach ulcer, acid reflux, or you are an elderly person.

In this case, you should avoid fruits like lemons, cranberries, pineapples, grapefruits, tomatoes, citrus, blood orange contain sufficient acetic acid that can result in producing gastric.

So, you should be more careful and not be harmed by yourself like these.


2. No fruits with high sugar immediately before sleep

If you are genuine health conscious, you have to avoid eating anything immediately before sleep.

But if you are really hungry, you can have a glass of milk or some specific fruits like banana, kiwis, berries etc. Because these fruits contain tryptophan and serotonin that helps you to relax and sleep.

At the same time, you have to say ‘bye for today’ to the fruits with high-sugar like mango, grape, dates etc. before you are going to sleep.

Remember that the sugar, these fruits contain will keep your brain active and so, you may not get a good sleep.

Just like before sleeping, you have to say no to the fruits before having your meal. Say, “why?”… Please look at the next point.


3. No fruits just after a meal

Many people want to eat something sweet just after having lunch or dinner. The health-conscious people, in this case, prefer fruits instated of other sweets. Are you such a conscious person?

My friend, stop being such a full. It is totally not a good idea. Fruits contain lots of fiber and other nutrients. If you take them immediately having a big meal, you may feel bad because of improper digestion.

Furthermore, if you not counting the calories of the fruit with the meal, you can eat a bit more than you are planned to.


4. Eat the fruits of your region and the contemporary season

It is wise to choose the particular fruits of the season and also the fruits of your own area. Local fruits are most suitable for your health and you will get them easily.

On another side, each and every foreign fruit may not suit you the best. So, you should prefer local fruits over foreign fruits.




5. Eat fruits, not the blended juice only

More often you may prefer fruit juice over whole fruit. But it is not a wise decision. When you blend fruit and take the juice only, you miss lots of necessary fiber of it.

So, I will suggest you eat fruits like apple, orange, citrus, berries etc. by not blending it.

But, in the case of lemon, it is different and you know this.

Here I have a question for you. Are you a packed or canned juice lover? If yes, keep reading. You will have a piece of good advice soon.


6. Fruits as snacks

Fruits are healthiest snacks. Between your two meals, you can have one or two fruits even if you not hungry. It will help you to increase your metabolism and immunity system.

Also, it will help you keep your blood-sugar level normal. But make t sure that you are eating fruit at least 30 minutes before having your meal.

So, forget about local fast foods as the snack and pick up a fruit.


5. Say no to the packed or canned juice

Often you like to pick a pack or can of a company made fruit juice Instead of a fruit. It is really dangerous for you.

That packed juice contains preservatives, chemicals, and extra sugar. Also, it loses the real nutrients of the real fruit.

So, never pick a canned or packed juice and go for fruits.

But if you are willing to take fruits prepared before a long time, then the next point is especially for you.


6. Avoid fruits, cut before a long time

Many of you often cut the fruits like bananas, apples, mangoes, pineapples etc. and keep them to eat later. It is really a bad habit and it is wise to eat the fruits instantly after peeling them.

Always remember that when you store them making into pieces, they lost many of their nutrients.


7. Some more pieces of advice

There are some more little pieces of advice I want to give you along with these main facts. Just glance over the below points.

a. It is better to not to eat fruits, processed with other foods.

b. The fruit itself is 100 times more nutritious than the dried fruits.

c. Don’t prefer canned and other processed fruits.

d. It is good to consume more fruits in the daytime.

e. Organic fruits are the best.

f. Fruits like banana, berries, apple, mango go well with oats and yogurt.

g. Avoids eating high-sugar fruits more if you are a patient of high blood sugar.


Bottom Lines

So, I hope you have already understood almost all the important facts, mentioned here. Remember fruits are one of the best gifts from nature. Fruits are a must-have food group to maintain a healthy life.

So, eat more fruits and live healthily. But never forget about how and when you shout eat those fruits.

My anticipation will always follow your wellness. Thank you for staying with us.